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Cuir a-steach Glaze / Kit stain

Glainne / Kit stain

Cuir a-steach Glaze / Kit stain

Cuir a-steach Glaze / Kit stain

All in one: It is suitable for the glazing of all types of dental ceramic restoration materials such as zirconia and glass ceramics. There is no need to prepare various pastes for restorations of different materials. One set of products can meet all staining needs.

Easy operation: The matching of CeramStar glaze paste is reasonable. According to the instructions and instructions of Bloomden technicians, the technicians can master its use method after a simple study, easily shape the details of the surface of the restoration, and produce a restoration with ideal aesthetic effect.

Time saving: No need to mix powder and liquid before use, paste-like glaze is with fine particles and uniform coloring.It is easy to apply on the  the restoration surface, easy to shape, saving preparation and application time.

Lifelike aesthetics: It presents realistic fluorescence and gloss close to natural tooth, and realizes double bionics from aesthetics to form.




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